Rise of the Mordri

In The Beginning...

1st Session - GM Overview

In the year 255 KR (Kings Reckoning) the Valdarian Empire has been at a time of relative peace, at least compared to the days of its infancy. Still surrounded by many nations who do not approve of their current expansionist ways, yet none dare challenge their power due to the power of the God-King Tyrdantris Valdari II and the empires mighty army. Or do they…?

After several outposts on the furthest reaches of the empire are nearly razed with almost no survivors the God-King musters even more new troops to be sent to try and identify the new threat while more veteran troops can be called from their campaigns in the frozen wastelands to the north and scorching desert sands to the south. Who is behind this new threat, only time and investigation can tell for sure. As of now only rumors persist and whispers of this vicious foe can be heard in taverns and cities abroad, beware the power of the Mordri.

GM Overview – 1st Session

Two small units of green recruits are dispatched to the distant eastern borders of the empire to a tiny little outpost called Stirhan. From the east a small squad arrives to the outpost with a rag-tag group of varied soldiers: a male Aasamir, male Elf, male Human, male Dwarf, male Halfling, male Gnome, and male Tiefling. From the south approaches an even more diverse group: a male Tiefling, male Hobgoblin, male Tengu, male Half-Orc, female Elf, male Human, and male Duergar.

Each little squad notices that there are very few troops or citizens in the outpost as they head to the barracks to report in with their new unit. The male Tiefling and female Elf from the 2nd squad take position behind the command desk as they enter and begin to evaluate the new recruits as they turn in their muster missives. Tensions seem to mount as some recruits are treated with wariness, others with familiarity, and others with open disdain, while others report in ready to serve, or show their reluctance to formally enter the ranks of the empires army.

The male Tiefling is revealed to be their new commanding officer, Capt. Darius Brightblade. The Captain dismisses the new recruits to outfit themselves at the market and tells them to prepare for their first field action that night. As a few of the soldiers leave the barracks to do just that, they follow behind the Captain and his apparent second-in-command, the female Elf, they see that they join a few other veteran soldiers and surround the small Halfling on the sparring grounds.



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