Rise of the Mordri

Who Wants To Haze A Monk...?

2nd Session - GM Overview

2nd Session

Having officially turned in their missives as new recruits into the Imperial army, they are dismissed by the Captain to get outfitted in preparation for a mission that night. While most take the moment to settle into the barracks and stow their travel gear, a few set out into the outpost to by better gear and provisions for the mission to come, but find something else entirely….

GM Overview – 2nd Session

As Kal’Reegar, Rike, Krak, and Loki exit the barracks to head into town and get outfitted they come upon the situation unfolding on the sparring grounds where Capt. Darius, the female Elf, and several other soldiers have the male Halfling surrounded and appear to be trying to get him to respond to his actions during muster. When one of the soldiers tries to “coerce” the little monk by pushing him from behind a full on brawl breaks out as he is thrown directly into Capt. Darius.

Within moments the Halfling monk shows his martial prowess by knocking-out the female Elf in a flurry of blows, while Rike casts an Entangle spell upon the group to try and help defuse the situation. Krak jumps into the fray after seeing the Elf woman go down and manages to help one of the soldiers subdue the monk, meanwhile most of the others in the AOE of the Entangle spell battle just to remain on their feet. A few of the soldiers appear to want to continue the battle and attack the unconscious monk. Magnus arrives on the grounds and sets into the fray to try and help those who are entangled, getting trapped within it himself.

Meanwhile, Loki runs back into the barracks in search of a weapon, but before even getting his hands on anything is attacked from behind by an unknown assailant and flees back outside announcing that he has been wounded. He heads across the sparring grounds towards the market stalls. Krak steps back from the spell area and manages to witness Kal’Reegar get shot by a crossbow bolt that flies from an open window of the barracks. Krak and Loki then run to the other side of the market stalls, in search of weapons or other aid.

Magnus, and the late arriving Elembor, manage to free Darius and subdue one of the belligerent soldiers. Darius orders everyone to aid eachother and rushes into the barracks to see who attacked the recruits, and he finds Barak holding a bloodied dagger and knocks him unconscious. Elembor dives through an open window into the barracks and finds Barak out on the floor and Darius standing back in the doorway. Darius orders the wounded to be tended to, and Elembor declares Krak and Loki AWOL as they can’t be found on the sparring grounds. Krak is found in the market, and Loki is finally found severely wounded in the stables. Hammar and Harad heal some of the wounds that Loki and Kal’Reegar received, and the Halfling & Barak are put onto bunks and tended to until they can be interrogated once they are stable.



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