Rise of the Mordri

The Fall of Stirhan...? (Part 1)

3rd Session - GM Overview

3rd Session

After the chaos of the brawl, everyone gathers within the barracks to try and sort out what happened and uncover what they can behind the attacks that came from within, apparently, someone in the brigade. Capt. Darius begins piecing together the battle by questioning everyone that was involved, to try and gain perspective of who was at fault and who wasn’t.

GM Overview – 3rd Session

Darius begins by asking what everyone witnessed before the brawl broke out. KRAK, Kal’Reegar, Rike, and Loki share what they had seen with the Unknown Male Halfling Monk being surrounded and the guard taking a punch/push at him from behind and getting thrown into Darius. They then relate their own actions in trying to stop the fight from escalating. Elembor voices concerns over what was going on within the barracks, as do several others, so those who were inside are asked to share what was going on. It is revealed that most of them were just watching and placing bets on who they felt would get the better of the fight. Concerns are raised that V’Rael doesn’t have a solid alibi of where he was, and tensions continue to raise between him and several others because of his responses.

Darius suggests that they question the Halfling and Barak to get their perspectives. The Halfling admits he doesn’t enjoy having a “half-breed” as a commanding officer, hence his actions and attitude during muster. He also claims that he knows nothing of who might have attacked Kal’Reegar and Loki. Barak states that he remembers placing bets on the fight, and lost a bet with V’Rael about the Unknown Female Elf being the first one to get taken down. He left the group to go get his coins and claims it was then that he noticed a bloody dagger on the ground over by the weapons racks, and that as he picked it up to inspect it was when Darius entered the barracks and he was struck in the head.

Elembor and several others again raise accusations that V’Rael’s alibi and attitude don’t seem to fit with the events as reported by the others stories, leading to further tensions surrounding him. Darius steps in and urges cooler heads to prevail, when all chaos breaks out. First the entire barracks is engulfed in a globe of darkness, and is quickly followed by screams of terror and agony coming from locations outside the barracks, but within the outpost of Stirhan.

Unable to see what is going on, the members of the Brightblade Brigade struggle to find their way out in the magical darkness, smells of fire filter into the barracks, and the sounds of what is assumed to be burning arrows strike the roof and begin to set it ablaze as well. Magnus Solrain is the first to make it safely outside to find that most of the outpost is going up in flames and cries of the dying and terrified come from all corners. He calls into the barracks and bangs his sword against the doorframe, hoping to help guide those still trapped within out. Several members manage to find an odd assortment of weapons on the racks, but most make it to safety when Magnus summons light within the barracks enough to help those get out before the roof collapses and everything within is lost to the raging fire. In a quick head count it is noticed that everyone is accounted for, except for V’Rael.

The north gate of the outpost begins to come under siege from the outside, the sounds and cries in foreign tongues making it appear that a battering ram is being used to gain entrance. Darius is amazed at his members ingenuity as they rush over take the practice dummies used in training out of the ground and use them to brace the gate, hoping to help it hold. Meanwhile, Krak takes the halfling monk and Kal’Reegar with him to the city square, hoping to check the other gates and see if any survivors can be found. Instead they find that the eastern gate has been breached and a large group of Lizardfolk come charging at the small party.

Outnumbered 7 to 3, the intrepid group stands their ground. Kal’Reegar strikes first, felling a scaled foe with a single thrust of his spear, only to be struck in return by another and then bitten as he falls into unconsciousness. Unable to immediately aid him due to the remaining threat of 6 on 2, Krak and the halfling take the fight back to them. With amazing dexterity and cunning tactics, the halfling acts as a target while Krak flanks them, taking down most of them with sneak attacks to vital areas, and the halfling pummels a few with lethal unarmed strikes and kicks. With Kal stabilized, the halfling stands guard over him as Krak rushes back to the north gate where the remained of the brigade stands watch.

Showing incredible bravery, the elf Elembor races up one of the braces in hopes of getting a peek at the size and composition of the force attacking. Another globe of darkness engulfs the gate area, giving Elembor the opportunity to turn it to his favor as he rather acrobatically attempts to leap over the gate, but catches his foot and plummets to the ground on the other side taking minor injuries. He quickly takes advantage of the darkness and eliminates several Troglodytes using siege ladders to gain entrance, striking them down from behind as he climbs up behind them. He then again leaps back into the fray as he jumps off the ladder and lands safely behind those using the rudimentary battering ram, taking out another troglodyte in the process before fleeing back up the ladder and leaping back to safety within the outposts walls.

During this time Loki and Rike work together using druidic magic to dazzle others climbing in on another ladder, causing one to fall and break its own neck. Another jumps in after it and is taken down by Darius with the aid of the female elf and Barak’s magical attacks. Elembor quickly relates his discovery of the size of the force they are facing at this gate, stating that even more troops are arriving to replace those he killed.

In the momentary lull, the female elf goes into a trance and uses the magical “relay-line” to find that V’Rael had established contact with a large force of troops from the Western Imperial Army that had dispatched reinforcements, but that it was unsure if they would arrive in time to actually help flank the presumed Mordri military force and save the outpost. Several quietly voice concerns that perhaps V’Rael is not getting help but is actually working with the Mordri, but it is quickly dismissed. Krak arrives and takes Hammar with him to help Kal’Reegar get healed enough that he can walk and jump back into the fray.

Will they be able to hold out for reinforcements? Will they be overrun by the numerically superior Mordri troops? Only time will tell.



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