Rise of the Mordri

The Fall Of Stirhan...? (Part 2)

4th Session - GM Overview

As the battle reaches a momentary lull, the chaos continues to unfold, the outpost is literally going up in flames, and most of the troops haven’t even gotten to jump into the fray, yet.

GM Overview – 4th Session

Upon the brief respite garnered by Elembor’s brave actions, the members of the Brightblade Brigade struggle to replace the supports protecting the North gate. As they finish they hear a voice cry out a command to the Mordri forces in Infernal that sends the Mordri siege troops fleeing from the gate. Not knowing what was coming, Magnus and Elembor get caught too close as a large fireball engulfs the gate and they are injured. Elembor quickly takes cover under some of the wreckage, avoiding the eyes of friend and foe alike.

Meanwhile they all stand and watch as rank upon rank of Troglodytes first form up just outside the walls, followed by ranks of Gnolls. A stand-off occurs, the Mordri forces not pushing their advantage and rushing in, holding in formation. With the majority of the brigades members grossly unarmed there is little that they can do to take advantage of the break, until once again the voice speaking Infernal cries out some command that sends the Mordri troops at the north gate into cheers of joy and followed shortly after by the sounds of another of the outposts 4 gates being breached. One by one this occurs, tensions mounting among the troops not knowing if the reinforcements will arrive in time to save them or if they are doomed.

Barak is the first to break ranks, apparently, fleeing towards the east side of the fort and its gate. The female elf receives word finally from the “relay-line” and it isn’t good news, the reinforcements will not arrive in time. Darius weighs the options and ultimately decides that they need to retreat, especially since it sounds like with the other gates breached they may quickly be surrounded and slaughtered. Fleeing in the footsteps of Barak, they make haste towards the eastern gate, leaving Elembor hiding literally at the feet of their foes.

The find the way open, with troops beginning to fully approach through the South and West gate breaches. They decide to split into groups of 2 to 3 and make a break eastward across the road and plains towards the lush forest several hundred yards away. Several groups get away cleanly, only to be noticed and the alarm raised by troops to the north of the outpost of Stirhan. A full on mad dash begins, several hundred yards between the brigade and the cover of the forest as well as from the troops to the north. Elembor chooses this moment, unbeknownst to the rest of the brigade, to leap from his concealment and strike down yet another Troglodyte soldier, only to be taken down by the rest of them.

Gnoll hunters lead the charge across the plains to try and cut them off, but are slowed due to a strategic Entanglement spell to slow them down and allow the slower and smaller members of the brigade to reach the forest safely. Loki, Rike, and his animal companion, Rose stay at the treeline with the female elf sorceror to hold off the one approaching Gnoll. The elf receives one last message via the “relay-line” that there is an Imperial scouting party encamped deep within that forest that is closer to them and should be able to give them safety, so the party begins to head in that direction, deeper within the darkening light of the thick forest.

Upon several hours of travels they encounter an approaching welcoming party from the 1st Nightstalkers scouting party, led by their Lieutenant, Nimue, as well as several other members, Jackovich the hearty dwarven fighter, Kyran the sorceror, and Jhale (Strongarm) the half-elf ranger. They begin the quick trek back towards their encampment, the members of the brigade quiet and sullen after their harrowing day, but still open to engaging in light conversation with the escort party. It is during this trek that the enigmatic V’Rael once again returns, much to the behest and unease of both brigade members and scouts alike. They safely reach the encampment and are allowed to take the time to arm themselves with whatever spare gear is available, giving many of them the opportunity to fully arm themselves for the first time. They are given leave to seek rest as they await the return of the rest of the scouts the next day.



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