Rise of the Mordri

Enlistment at Stirhan

The new "recruits" arrive

Arrival – Magnus

Stirhan isn’t as I expected it to be. That is to say I had hoped it would not be like this. The walls are a very basic timber layout, fairly new in construction. They are not necessarily what gives me worry, but I have seen fire tear through similar in the past. I hope that is not repeated here. With the watchful eye of her Lady Iomedae watching over me, I pray it will not.

As I sit here writing this down I can’t help but notice I don’t remember much of what is on the inside of those walls I speak of. The barracks here is fairly open and unorganized, to a degree. I don’t have much experience to know whether or not that is common for military living structures of it’s kind, but it too is a difference I was not expecting. There are just so few other people here with us.. I suppose I’m just going to have to change my thinking from my old life and adjust to what exactly these “Outposts” and whatever else they may move us to will be like. It will be worth it though…

Sadly this day has not made many other impressions upon me that I can scribe at this time. Those of us who arrived with official letters of our enlistment today have finished checking in, and have just been dismissed to begin outfitting ourselves for our first assignment later today. I am one of only a few others still currently waiting here, and with thoughts (and worries…) of the potentially limited supplies here being picked over before I get there is motivating me to follow those who have already left. I cannot serve as I have been called to if I do not prepare myself properly. Failing now when things have just begun is not an option – there is still much to do, Magnus. Much to do indeed.



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