Rise of the Mordri

Hasty Retreat anyone?

by Rike

We’ve been overrun. The outpost is lost. The battle had been going alright, but the waves of Trogledytes and Gnolls simply kept coming. Also, there was a shadowy figure at the rear of the horde who had a very imposing presence. Once all four of the gates had been breached, and we knew that we would not receive reinforcements in time, we decided to make a break for the forest. Sadly, Elimbor, our eccentric elf most likely perished during the assault.

The rest of our group was able to make it to the forest and we were able to hinder our pursuers long enough to disappear into the woods. I was also finally able to reunite with my companion, Rose. As we traveled deeper into the woods, we met up with a group of our scouts and followed them back to their small encampment. Heres to hoping we will have a bit of rest before some new enemy attacks us.



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