Rise of the Mordri

Huzzah for never being prepared!

by Rike

Well, we’re still in our first day and nothing seems to be going right. We reported to the barracks and met our commanding officer, a Captain Darrius. He’s a Tiefling, but seems noble enough at heart. He treats us all with respect, but asserts authority when its needed. Our group is an interesting mix. With several half-outsiders in the group, all the way to a hobgoblin! I stick out quite a bit as well. While most of the empire knows of Tengus, since we’ve lived among them albeit separately for so long, most have never seen one of my kind. Still, aside from a couple of standoffish or even unruly characters in our group, there seems to be a feeling of almost immediate trust among a large portion of the group.

But I’ve allowed myself to be distracted. As I was saying, nothing seems to be going right. After reporting, we were told to go out and purchase supplies. That never happened. As we left to go to the market, a brawl broke out between one of the new recruits and several guards. Most of us recruits tried to help restore order with varying effectiveness. I cast an entangle spell on the group in order to subdue some of the combatants. This turned out to be a double edged sword, so to speak. While it did work as far as keeping some of the guards out of the fight, it hindered many of my wood be allies as well. Someone, who remains to be found, took advantage of the chaos and even lethally attacked several of us. Now that the fight has ended, we are attempting to sort out the madness.



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