Rise of the Mordri

"I Love When A Plan Comes Together." - Part 1

GM Overview

The culmination of detailed planning efforts by the various members of the Brightblade Brigade and 1st Nightstalkers to free their commander and ally, Darius Brightblade, High Fist Nevar Fallenhammer, and two fellow unit members Jhale and Kal’Reegar, was finally put into motion. With the aid of a new ally Lyle Shadowfoot, a past associate of Captain Tannis Racheson of the 1st Nightstalkers, people and supplies were gathered to make the daring attempt. They would head through the sewers to a sealed off access that had previously served as a bolt-hole for the pre-Imperial rulers of the Citadel that was located at the bottom of the well. Once within the Citadel grounds they would steal in through the kitchen servant access in the back of the building, and then split up once leaving the common room with the majority of the force heading down into the secure depths to free the prisoners and get necessary supplies while the smaller force would sneak up and notify any other sympathizers to their cause of their escape and allow them to join with them. They would then meet back up in the common room and head back out through the well into a different branch of the sewers that would take them close to the city walls on the outskirts where they hoped to escape to freedom.

But before the plan can be launched as expected things take a surprise turn as The Inquisitors and their elite squad of Death Seekers begin to close in on the White Goose Tavern where they are holed up. Warren DeMontegue rushes in to warn them that while patrolling Gherig Diamante had spotted a large force headed their way and so they had but a short few minutes lead to leave if they had any hope of putting their plans into action. Warren leaves to notify Gherig while the rest quickly gather their gear and head out. Lyle and KRAK deploy some tactically placed caltrops in the roadway and the rush is on to the nearest sewer entrance. Upon arriving Tannis has everyone enter while he stays back to make sure that Warren and Gherig make it safely.

Lyle leads the way to the sealed off section, and after Magnus knocks a small hole in the wall Krak is able to put more of his alchemical deviousness into action as he drops a “bomb” behind it to make way for the group. They quickly clear the debris and scale the well to gain access to what just hours before had been their quarters. With no sign of Tannis, Warren, and Gherig catching up to them, Jackovich is left to stand guard at the well in case they do arrive or if the Inquisitors happen to make an unexpected appearance.

Once gaining entrance to the kitchen area they find the common room has occupants: Liara and 2 scullery maids. Lyle and Krak stealthily advance, intentions unknown. Krak whispers to Liara to signal if she is with them, and upon the confirmation asks her to distract the maids. Liara complies by leading them away to her quarters to show them something special. At this point Nimue and Garan split-off to go contact others who might be willing to join with the group while everyone else heads into the basement entrance to free their allies.

A quick engagement with a unit of Imperial guards defending the entrance ensues with the small group of Lyle, Krak, Magnus, and Loki making short work of the 6 guards. After retrieving some keys from the guards, they unlock the giant steel doors and begin exploring to find the way to the prison proper. At the next intersection a trap is triggered as Krak tries to open the next steel door, making it apparently impassable. Lyle finds a side door leading to what appears to be a servant access, as well as a room filled with equipment and a mysterious wheel mounted to a rod going into a wall. Quick experimenting makes it apparent it is what is used to reset the trap at the steel door, and once it is safely reset the group is able to advance. While Loki and Magnus secure the main doors they entered and listen for pursuit, Lyle and Krak advance down the new hallway. At the end of the hallway they find yet another steel door barring the way, and after accidentally tripping a double-trap, they nearly find themselves sealed in the hallway, fortune shining upon them that they’d left the prior door open which successfully “blocks” the stone slab that would seal the door from the inside.

After resetting the trap again, they find the next door is able to open and descends deeper into the depths of the Citadel. Moving quietly, they can hear the voices of guards talking about the noise they are hearing from above as they await either foes or a relief of guards notifying them of it being secure. Meanwhile, down the passageway behind the guards in theirs cells, Jhale and Kal’Reegar hear the anxiety and confusion and begin to try and antagonize the guards, hoping to distract them. Lyle puts a quick crossbow bolt into one of the guards and then ducks back around the corner, hoping to draw the guards to the group.

Will they group make the plan fall into place and free their friends and escape? Only time will tell.



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