Valimar Shadehopper

Male Halfling


A member of the Valdarian Empires spy network, The Claws of Valdar, he is also one of the groups ruling council members with the rank of High Claw. Normally those who hold this rank keep themselves well hidden as a member, Valimar is the first in many years to openly and in some cases flamboyantly flaunt his position. Some take this to mean he isn’t truly a High Claw, but a “fleece”, put out in the open to draw attention away from those who are the true rulers of the network.

Many rumors float around this enigmatic halfling, and not just about his position within The Claws of Valdar. One of the most popular in the taverns is of how he was given his surname, Shadehopper. It is said that he is so skilled in the arts of stealth that he managed to flank the God-King Tyrdantris Valdari II in one of his rare appearances, in broad daylight, on a wager from a bar-maid who did not believe his self-proclaimed abilities. Needless to say the God-King was impressed by such a brazen action that he gave Valimar the new surname in honor of his deeds.

Another popular rumor is that he is actually a dwarf who was tortured on a rack by an evil wizard, and that during the duress of the inquisition lost a lot of weight and that his beard fell out and will not grow any longer. He managed to escape by breaking both his wrists and ankles and that because of the injuries he still walks with a limp and can’t hold a proper ale flagon any longer.

Valimar Shadehopper

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