Hobgoblin Rogue with an "appettite" for blowing things up.


THE RECORD OF THE UNKNOEN ONE. I beilzkrag bloodspiller track the record of thoze great ones ov our tribe of warriors. I track even greatest of hobgoblins. There iz only one warrior ov us that I choose to keep secret. Few know of his existence. Even fewer know hiz name. Only I know what he does. The magnificence of hiz abilities and strength began to be when he came to be. The tribe had begun raiding the camps ov the scum known as elf’s. Their “elf magic” was spreading across our lands and we vowed to stop it. We attack many cities ov many creatures. We attack in the night delivering death to any seen. Any who may be ov value are kept as prisoners. One night I led the warriors into a raid. Upon entering the city we noticed a gatharing ov many creatures. Elves were among them. Dwarves, men, and even drow using elf-magic wer about. We slaughtered them methodically and slowly. While raiding the wagons near I found something unheard ov. A young hobgoblin bound in chains, bloody and ragged. He was muscular, with black eyes, and scars cut as anger ovr his eyes. Beneath hiz feet was the body of hiz captor who had gott too close. Fool mistake for hafing a prisoner who culd pick the lock of hiz chains and strangle hiz captor. Many yrs later I have become his leader. He knew and had been trained with this motto; when in doubt, kill. He had been taught in alchemy and feats of engineering. Although still new to these tasks he had been promoted to a leader in a smaller war band. He leds many raids to dwarven and elven cities focusing much attention on the latter. He captures many slaves. Among his war band he has introduced the assassin bugbear to our tribe. Hiz signature spiked collar and bracelets were taken from the king of an orc band. Of course they were cut from his body after he was killed by the one I speak of. He snuck into the King’s tent with a few goblins. Awoke the king and slit his throat. All because of a dare by another one of our tribe. He is not one to be trifled with. His war band knows hiz as cold and calculated and merciless. I know him as curious and ever learning. He is also impulsive which makes him very foolish at times but deadly. He is also very secretive. He is able to hide his ferocity and act as someone timid. Hiz slaves are captured to give him knowledge to improve hiz skills.

I never told him I found where he wus from. I nevr told him his captors had taken from hiz tribe in a neighboring land. I traveld near there once to investigate. The Land wus no longer ruled by the tribe. Hobgoblins no longer led the raids. Someone greater in power thin we know ov…. I nevr told him what creature he had strangled as a child. It was one foreign to me. I only remember its human like shape and a pointed tail………

I would only commit his name to this record once just so gods will know of his terror and our god Gorum will know who serves him. This is the record of the one KRAK ELFKILLER.


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