Nevar Fallenhammer

High Fist over Western Imperial Army


From the Fallenhammer noble family, he is a 3rd generation Imperial officer and the 2nd in his line to achieve the lofty High Fist position. He is currently in charge of the Western Imperial Army that is being relocated to deal with the new threat of the Mordri. Proud wielder of the magical battlehammer, Tyriel.

His great-grandfather, Stilgar, served as the first High Fist under the first King of the Valdari. Their family surname used to be Yveris, but after his heroic service in the Zanthian War and specifically in his defeat of the rogue General Iridon the Hammer, the newly crowned Emperor bestowed the new family name in honor of his efforts. Iridon’s magical battlehammer, Tyriel, was also gifted to their family so that it could be wielded in defense of the newly formed Valdarian Empire.

Recently imprisoned after being branded a traitor to the empire during the Tribunal of Darius Brightblade when both were revealed to carry a brand/mark of The Aesir, a secretive band of rebels supposedly working to undermine the Empire.

Nevar Fallenhammer

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