Male Tiefling


New recruit of the Brightblade Brigade. Tiefling. While he shows signs of having devilish bloodlines, he wears his black hair long to try and cover his horns on his forehead, yet openly shows his forked tail through his outfit. Seems to be battle-hardened and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Has some form of pre-existing relationship with Capt. Darius Brightblade based on their somewhat informal introductions when the new conscripts to the Brigade presented themselves.

Was accused of making physical attacks upon fellow brigade members, Kal’Reegar and Loki, during the brawl that broke out when the halfling monk was being assaulted. He admitted placing bets on the brawl and had hopes that some new recruits would be “dealt with”, but otherwise doesn’t have a solid alibi for the later portion of the fight. He openly denies having anything to do with the attacks.

Capt. Darius reveals that V’rael serves under the Inquisitors branch of the empyrean army and was assigned to the Brightblade Brigade to help seek out traitors & malcontents who may be working against the empire and potentially aiding the new foes, the Mordri.


Rise of the Mordri Azrael