Rise of the Mordri

Rough Times Come Quick
Day one doesn't go as planned..

Conflict and Resolution – Magnus

Well, the gathering of supplies certainly wasn’t the mundane task I thought it would be – nor did it occur at all. Before I could even make it 30 feet from the barracks a fight had broken out amongst some of the other soldiers. Thankfully it last only a moment or so, but there are going to be many “scars” that come from this event – some seen, some festering until they make themselves known. Once we are able to get the full story of what transpired.. I can already sense there are those that will need to be watched. I am not as strongly in a position to make decisions on who is in the right as I had in the past, but that does not free me from my oath. Justice cannot take a back seat and allow traitors, or those that would bring destruction upon us with their in-fighting to freely do so. I cannot allow that…

Hah. After what I wrote only but an hour or so before now seems dated already. All that uncertainty has fled to the back of my mind as I now concern myself more with the individuals I am assigned to make War alongside of. I believe myself to have been short-sighted and more concerned with the exterior of this place, than with those who would make their temporary homes within it. I must remember what I have been taught and ensure I do not make hasty judgments upon them though – Milady does not wish that, and I will not bring dishonor to her Holy name.

I will begin to keep my impressions down in these entries, though. If I can establish a clear line of thought, and a continuing trend of action then I can be sure to be ready if anything should ever come of it.

  • Captain Darius—He too appears to have similar bloodlines to my own. He also appears to be a fair man as of now, and relatively even-minded so long as his post is respected.
  • Unknown Elf, Darius’ 2nd—She is a little more.. rough around the edges than he is, and I can see the prejudice in her eyes as she looks over those of us here. I do not sense ill-intent within her, though. But if a seed is planted, will it grow?
  • Elembor—Another Elf, this one is a bit more.. open with his emotions. I sense that he has no darkness within him now, and his actions leave little to believe that will come without some great occurrence causing it.
  • Kal’Reeger—A Human, he is both quiet and confident. He shows respect where it is needed, and does not allow himself to be pushed around by those that seek to do so. He was one who was targeted and injured in today’s melee though, so I must be diligent in making sure his head is not sought after already.
  • Krak—A Hobgoblin, he moves back and forth from being very open and readable – in both action and in expression – to being masked in both. He, as should come as no surprise, has shown disdain towards both of the Elvenfolk already. I do not see him acting upon it in a physically harmful way, though. His desires and motivations do not seem to be driven by blood-feuds.
  • Loki—A Half-Orc, he has been hard to read as of yet. He too was targeted and injured this day, though how I have heard the story so far does not lead me to believe he specifically was meant to be hurt. I will need more time to decide about him.
  • Ry’kashi—This.. I am not sure how to describe. He is one who looks like he could be normal man – if that man came from bloodlines shared with the avian. He is quiet and reserved, but well-spoken and respectful. I feel peace from him, though I know there is more to him than has been displayed at all.
  • Barak—Gnome, though his tone of skin and manner of action does not ring to those of more common Gnomekind. Something about him has me wary already – I sense something is not right. As of now it appears he may have been a.. active party to the escalation of today’s events. He is currently being tended to as well though, so we shall have to wait and see.
  • V’Rael—Another with blood not of this plane, he is the opposite of Darius. As with Barak there is something within him that causes me concern, though I believe he may have more selfish intents for any actions he makes. Another to observe more, though he was curiously not accounted for during the trouble. Also seems to be known already by the Captain.
  • Unknown Halfling—I believe I can safely assume he is a Monk within his own people as his skills demonstrated today. He was a primary participant in the scuffle, though I was not around to see whether or not he was the cause. His lack of communication with Darius in the barracks earlier would normally be a mark against him, but I have yet to sense bad intent coming from his choice. As I have said though, perhaps it would only take a seed for his heart to grow more black.
  • Harad—Dwarf, very quiet and reserved as of yet. Unfortunately has not caught my eye enough to dictate feelings one way or the other, which as of this moment leads me to feel he is not going to be a problem. I cannot say for sure, though.
  • Falgrad—A Dark Dwarf, more towards the lines set by Barak than Harad. Other than a slight feeling of unease I get from him, he is also yet to cause a reaction in either direction. I’d have thought both Dwarves would show more aggressive personalities. I guess there are quiet-kind in all races.
  • Unknown Human—Another than appeared to have a slightly more connected response from Darius, though I failed to catch his name. More ragged looking than the others. Not unclean or one to give off an air of negative attributes tied to his appearance, though. As with the others he will receive the benefit of missing knowledge for now. Keep an eye on his sash, though. I do not like not knowing what he continually seeks at his waist.

I believe that is all of those I have personally met, for now. I will end this entry now simply due to my hand feeling great discomfort at all the writing. I must have fallen out of practice with all this travel. I am believing that is going to change if this day is any indication. I pray Milady Iomedae watch over me.

Enlistment at Stirhan
The new "recruits" arrive

Arrival – Magnus

Stirhan isn’t as I expected it to be. That is to say I had hoped it would not be like this. The walls are a very basic timber layout, fairly new in construction. They are not necessarily what gives me worry, but I have seen fire tear through similar in the past. I hope that is not repeated here. With the watchful eye of her Lady Iomedae watching over me, I pray it will not.

As I sit here writing this down I can’t help but notice I don’t remember much of what is on the inside of those walls I speak of. The barracks here is fairly open and unorganized, to a degree. I don’t have much experience to know whether or not that is common for military living structures of it’s kind, but it too is a difference I was not expecting. There are just so few other people here with us.. I suppose I’m just going to have to change my thinking from my old life and adjust to what exactly these “Outposts” and whatever else they may move us to will be like. It will be worth it though…

Sadly this day has not made many other impressions upon me that I can scribe at this time. Those of us who arrived with official letters of our enlistment today have finished checking in, and have just been dismissed to begin outfitting ourselves for our first assignment later today. I am one of only a few others still currently waiting here, and with thoughts (and worries…) of the potentially limited supplies here being picked over before I get there is motivating me to follow those who have already left. I cannot serve as I have been called to if I do not prepare myself properly. Failing now when things have just begun is not an option – there is still much to do, Magnus. Much to do indeed.

In The Beginning...
1st Session - GM Overview

In the year 255 KR (Kings Reckoning) the Valdarian Empire has been at a time of relative peace, at least compared to the days of its infancy. Still surrounded by many nations who do not approve of their current expansionist ways, yet none dare challenge their power due to the power of the God-King Tyrdantris Valdari II and the empires mighty army. Or do they…?

After several outposts on the furthest reaches of the empire are nearly razed with almost no survivors the God-King musters even more new troops to be sent to try and identify the new threat while more veteran troops can be called from their campaigns in the frozen wastelands to the north and scorching desert sands to the south. Who is behind this new threat, only time and investigation can tell for sure. As of now only rumors persist and whispers of this vicious foe can be heard in taverns and cities abroad, beware the power of the Mordri.

GM Overview – 1st Session

Two small units of green recruits are dispatched to the distant eastern borders of the empire to a tiny little outpost called Stirhan. From the east a small squad arrives to the outpost with a rag-tag group of varied soldiers: a male Aasamir, male Elf, male Human, male Dwarf, male Halfling, male Gnome, and male Tiefling. From the south approaches an even more diverse group: a male Tiefling, male Hobgoblin, male Tengu, male Half-Orc, female Elf, male Human, and male Duergar.

Each little squad notices that there are very few troops or citizens in the outpost as they head to the barracks to report in with their new unit. The male Tiefling and female Elf from the 2nd squad take position behind the command desk as they enter and begin to evaluate the new recruits as they turn in their muster missives. Tensions seem to mount as some recruits are treated with wariness, others with familiarity, and others with open disdain, while others report in ready to serve, or show their reluctance to formally enter the ranks of the empires army.

The male Tiefling is revealed to be their new commanding officer, Capt. Darius Brightblade. The Captain dismisses the new recruits to outfit themselves at the market and tells them to prepare for their first field action that night. As a few of the soldiers leave the barracks to do just that, they follow behind the Captain and his apparent second-in-command, the female Elf, they see that they join a few other veteran soldiers and surround the small Halfling on the sparring grounds.


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