Tag: Stirhan


  • Darius Brightblade

    Captain of the Brightblade Brigade. Carries himself with an air of authority and seems to be proud of his fiendish bloodline heritage as he openly shows small horns on his forehead and a forked tail. Appears to have some form of close relationship with …

  • Barak

    New recruit of the Brightblade Brigade. Male Gnome. Pale skinned, gaunt with somewhat sunken eyes, seems to be always laughing at some personal joke, seems to prefer dark clothing.

  • Harad

    New recruit of the Brightblade Brigade. Male Dwarf. Has dark orange hair and a long beard that is plaited in braids. Also seems to be constantly seen rubbing something in one of his hands of unknown nature.

  • Hammar

    New recruit of the Brightblade Brigade. Male Human. Tall and dark haired, wears rag-tag chain and leather armor with a sash that appears to hide some sort of talisman or good luck charm. Appears to be honored to have been recruited and assigned to the …

  • Falgrad

    New recruit of the Brightblade Brigade. Duergar. Dusky grey skin and shaved head, and also appears to willingly shave his beard and mustache. Prefers to wear lighter armors and keeps to himself. Stayed back at the camp to guard those injured at the …

  • Liara

    Allegiance to the Brightblade Brigade. Female Elf. Appears to have some sort of relationship with [[:darius-brightblade | Darius Brightblade]]. Tall and lithe with long raven black hair and immaculate robes. Also seems to have a touch of a superiority …