1st Nightstalkers

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One of the first elite trained units that High Fist Nevar Fallenhammer ordered formed upon taking control of the Western Imperial Army. Composed largely of very skilled trackers, rogues, and assassins, the unit was formed largely for scouting missions that required a larger stealth component as well as being capable of eliminating unique targets of military interest.

Currently located in the field of operations to the far west of the empires borders, searching for the origins of the Mordri army primarily, with other local threats assigned as secondary targets of interest. One of the secondary targets is the currently unknown source of citizen/military/trade losses, does not appear to be due to humanoids or the Mordri at this point in time. Their hunt for this unknown enemy has led them to the woods located to the east of the imperial outpost, Stirhan.

Current Command Structure
  • Captain – Tannis Racheson (currently MIA)
  • Lieutenant – Nimue
  • Mage Cadre – Kyran, Iseldria Caldar
  • Healing Corps – Ulysses, Calen (currently MIA)
  • Inquisitor – none
Current Roster
  • Jackovich
  • Jhale (Strongarm)
  • Theris
  • Nero the Quick
  • Gherig Diamante
  • Warren DeMontegue (currently MIA)

1st Nightstalkers

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