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One of the first full units commissioned before the Imperial Army was split to cover all the military fronts was known as the Brightblade Brigade, in honor of its most well known Imperial hero, Valkyr Brightblade. The brigade was the unit historically known to have largely aided the then renegade house of Valdari during the Zanthian War in turning the tide of the war in the favor of the Valdari. Many of the band of comrades that would later be known as The Renegade Seven were members of this intrepid brigade, including Stilgar Yveris, Valkyr Brightblade, eventual 1st Emperor Gabriel Valdari, and the infamous Iridon the Hammer.

At the conclusion of the Zanthian War, when the Valdarian Empire was founded, Stilgar Fallenhammer (formally Yveris) was raised to the rank of High Fist over the entire Imperial Army. With the death of Valkyr on the Fields of Draganoth command of the brigade was issued to Gabriel’s son, Tyrdantris Valdari I. He would lead them diligently until the passing of his father when he would ascend to the crown, at which time he expanded the Imperial Army and placed the brigade under the command of High Fist Stilgar Fallenhammer as part of the Western Imperial Army.

Years later the brigade has fallen upon hard luck as their numbers have been dwindling due to being one of the elite forces usually sent in first to any military field of operation. Current Western Imperial Army High Fist, Nevar Fallenhammer, hoped to change this decline when he commissions Captain Darius Brightblade, grandson of Valkyr, as the brigades new commanding officer. Immediately thrust into action, the brigades new CO is put to the test in taming the western frontier, and due to this was the section of the Western Imperial Army hit hardest when the mysterious Mordri first strike against the Empire.

The numbers of the brigade are now few and largely comprised of untested soldiers. Only time will tell if the brigade will flourish and regain the glory of its namesakes successes, or if they will fall and just become another unit lost to the sands of history.

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Brightblade Brigade

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